Hi, welcome to the Healthiest Village

We are a social enterprise that was dreamed of, planned and spawned in the deeply rural areas of the eastern cape. initially founded by a young south African doctor, whom after studying abroad in Australia, returned to work in a small district hospital in the area. Here he encountered a faltering health system and a population besieged by the hiv epidemic. after 6 months of service at the hospital, he felt he could be more impactful trying to tackle the underlying socio-economic determines of this ill health

Our current scope of work in the village has developed from the initial concept of running a fishing co-operative in the village as a means to provide a financially sustainable way for members of the community to have access to dietary protein. This paradigm of 'social entrepreneurship' has excited young local innovators and we are now looking to match the growing fervour for change with the infrastructure needed to translate ideas into progress.

In order to better fulfill the primary needs of the village we are creating a climate that incubates the local flair for entrepeneurship and orchestrating a spontaneous way forward which builds on existing strengths. Our vision is that these economic offshoots connect with our core healthcare vision and nudge people towards healthier and more sustainable habits.


Pleasedon't hesitate to be in contact with any manner of support, suggestion or criticisms.