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Established by a young South African doctor in response to the grim state of healthcare he encountered in the area while working at the local district hospital;

Africa's Healthiest Village is a social innovation hub piloting and scaling open source projects for positive impacts on health, economic inclusion and fair governance across rural South Africa.


Tsweleni Village

870 kilometres down from Jo'burg, 1200km east from Cape Town, you'll find us - The Healthiest Village. Deep in the Transkei - the Wild Coast! - Eastern Cape, South Africa.

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Core project

Final-Mile Healthcare Logistics Initiative

The southernmost country in Africa, South Africa is home to over 54 million people. The country has one of the world’s highest HIV positive populations with an estimated 7,4 million people living with HIV. The South African government manages the highest HIV donor-supported program in the world with 4,2 million people on antiretroviral treatments.

The high numbers of people who require routine access to medicines for HIV and other chronic conditions lead to congested health facilities, overburdened health staff, and challenges in the quality of care.

We have partnered with the South African National Department of Health to pioneer innovative strategies to improve access for rural communities to these lifesaving medications.

The monthly herculean task of walking to the nearest clinic for medication


“No other investment yields as great a return as the investment in education. An educated workforce is the foundation of every healthy community”


Other Projects

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The Zenzeleni Makerspace and R&D Farm

A multipurpose community centre, the first node and the epicentre of our growing ecosystem of social innovation.


The “ZEN” Local Currency

Developing innovative financial tools to promote a healthy and thriving local economy.


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This paradigm of 'social entrepreneurship' has excited young local innovators and we are now looking to match the growing fervour for change with the supporters and partners needed to translate ideas into progress.

We are actively looking to partner up with motivated and skilled individuals and organisations that are situated both on the ground and globally, to create an world-class team behind our movement.

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